The Miaa wants sports to start on Sept 14 the earliest,

This way it gives time for schools time to open up and students to get comfortable in the school.


The State will give us the exact starting date and what sports will be open at the beginning of August.


If you have any questions [lease email me at  kbradley@whittier.tec.ma.us




Kevin Bradley

Athletic Director

8/16/2020 9:40 PM

Summer Conditioning at Whittier

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Summer Conditioning that is held at Whiiter Tech every summer for all students will not be available as of now. We are awaiting word from the State & Miaa on a starting date and times. As soon as we get word it is safe to return to school for sports it will be posted on this site.


In the meantime please stay in shape by working out on your own while we await the starting date from the State. 


Whittier Tech High School is working extremely hard inside & outside the School for a safe return for every person that enters the building


Should you have any questions please email me at kbradley@whittier.tec.ma.us


Thank you,


Kevin Bradley

Athletic Director

8/16/2020 4:45 PM


8/30/2020 4:31 PM

BOYS Football

2019-2020 Freshman Roster
Jersey Name Position Height Weight Class
Damitri Acevedo-Torres 2023
Darren Ackerman 2023
Joshua Avila 2023
Jeythien Barclay 2023
Chase Bowen 2023
Kagen Burns 2023
Tabitha Caez 2023
Brendan Cain 2023
Tyler Caram 2023
Braidan Chadwick 2023
Patrick Connolly 2023
Samuel Dasilva 2023
Jaykob Flanagan 2023
Nathaniel Gallant 2023
Tyler Greenan 2023
William Halloran 2023
Gavin Hey 2023
Michael Hicks 2023
Jake Ketschke 2023
Daniel Knowlton 2023
Giovanni Lavina 2023
Xavier Lopez 2023
Jakai Mitchell 2023
Ty Murphy 2023
Kaleb Nelson 2023
Victor Novais 2023
Xander Percel 2023
Samuel Potter 2023
Jarred Riley 2023
Francis ( Frankie) Robito 2023
Davien Rosado 2023
Jeremy Rousseau 2023
Ivan Saenz 2023
Mason Scolamiero 2023
George Sullivan 2023
Conner Thornton 2023
Camdon Tuell 2023
Camden West 2023
Zachary Woodberry 2023
Coaching Staff