Essex Tech Winter Athletics and Fan Store - Round 2 (12/9 - 12/20)

Essex Tech Winter Athletics and Fan Store Round 2. It is set to open Monday, December 9th at 7:00 am - Friday, December 20th at 7 am.

Please click on the following link to access the store. It is only open for a limited time so get your orders in!

12/23/2019 1:09 AM




Heidi Riccio


Shannon Donnelly

Director of Athletics

Farah Lalli

Athletic Administrative Assistant

John Lynch


                  Sports                          Head Coaching Staff   

Ice Hockey - Boys

Mark Leonard


Jed Beauparlant

Basketball - Boys

Juan Juan

Basketball - Girls

Greg O'Brien


Melissa McCular 

Cross Country - Boys and Girls

Dan Verrington 

 Ice Hockey - Girls

John Kasle

Field Hockey - Girls

Meaghan Hildebrand


Dan Connors

Golf - Boys

Deb O'Reilly and Tim Johnson 


Janelle Jackson

Lacrosse - Boys

Sean Parsons

Lacrosse - Girls

Matt GWilliam

Soccer - Boys

Joel Spurance

Soccer - Girls

Kelly Barrio 


Julia Witzig

Indoor Track  - Boys

Dan Verrington

Indoor Track  - Girls

Matt Gwilliam

Spring Track - Girls and Boys Dan Connors and Dan Verrington
Swimming/Diving Maureen Shea

Volleyball - Boys and Girls 

Pamela Benzan Leete - Girls Head Coach

Robert Allen - Boys  Head Coach


Rich Chouinard