The new Athletic Handbook is now posted on the schools main homepage under the "Families" section. Please be familiar with it.

9/28/2019 3:28 AM

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I just went though and updated our whole schedule through the end of September, so please be sure to check it out again HERE.
You will see that on Tuesdays we are going to help out with the Youth Clinics again, held on the Gtown turf from 6-7pm on Tuesdays - everyone FROM GEORGETOWN (ET kids welcome too! I just know it's harder with transportation for you, so you get the pass) on Varsity needs to sign up for at least one session HERE. Many of the days we unfortunately have away games, but whoever picks those nights will just jump off the bus and head right down and help with what you can with whatever time is left.
See everyone ready to go at 3p today, pack your rain gear! We've got an exciting opening week ahead to prepare for!


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