Mission Statement

Greater Lawrence Technical School Mission, Goals and Philosophy


Greater Lawrence Technical School provides the highest quality academic and technical education to all of its students while fostering high expectations of achievement. “Demand more, Expect more, Achieve more.”


1.      Students will reach high academic and technical standards that are aligned with national and state curriculum frameworks and standards. 

2.      Students will develop the capabilities to continue their academic and technical learning, and the skills to effectively compete in the 21st century workforce.

3.      GLTS will provide students with the educational and social experiences that promote citizenship, communication, cooperation, and a respect and understanding of diversity.

4.      GLTS will maintain a healthy and safe environment conducive to the academic and technical learning process.

5.      GLTS will communicate with parents, industry, and the community at large to develop partnerships for the success of our students in the 21st century workplace.


The Greater Lawrence Technical School believes that its fundamental function is to develop each individual student to his/her highest potential. Students are entitled to an education in a supportive learning environment by highly qualified teachers who take advantage of current research in education, provide productive learning experiences and promote academic and technical excellence.       

Greater Lawrence Technical School fosters a sense of individual empowerment, tempered by respect and responsibility. Each student shall be provided opportunities to gain the skills necessary to function in a diverse society, to develop personal and professional ethics and to meet the challenges of higher education and an evolving workforce.