Want to order some HAWK Gear?!

Want to order some Hawk gear?! Here's a link to the Girl's Basketball Team Shop! (15% of the proceeds go directly to the Girl's Basketball Program)

Store Link: 
Store closes Tuesday 12/19. Go Hawks! 
Girls Basketball Team

12/22/2017 4:57 PM

Window Decals for Sale

The gymnastics team will be selling window decals for the next two weeks. Please pick up (and drop off) order forms in the Main Office or Athletic Office. 

Hawk Logo $10

Personalized Hawk Logo $12

Rhinestone Hawk Logo $18

12/22/2017 11:20 PM




William Lupini


Brad Morgan

Athletic Director

Farah Lalli

Athletic Administrative Assistant

John Lynch


                  Sports                          Head Coaching Staff   

Ice Hockey - Boys

Michael Geary


Jed Beauparlant

Basketball - Boys

Juan Juan

Basketball - Girls

Deb O'Reilly


Melissa McCular 

Cross Country - Boys and Girls

Dan Verrington 

 Ice Hockey - Girls

Doug Anderson

Field Hockey - Girls

Meaghan Hildebrand


Dan Connors

Golf - Boys

Tim Johnson 


Janelle Jackson

Lacrosse - Boys

Jeff Comeau

Lacrosse - Girls

Matt GWilliam

Soccer - Boys

Joel Spurance and John DeCosta

Soccer - Girls

Kelly Barrio 


Julia Witzig

Indoor Track  - Boys

Dan Verrington

Indoor Track  - Girls

Chris Roumeliotis

Spring Track - Girls and Boys Dan Connors and Dan Verrington
Swimming/Diving Maureen Shea

Volleyball - Girls and Boys

Pamela Benzan Leete


Rich Chouinard