Want to order some HAWK Gear?!

Want to order some Hawk gear?! Here's a link to the Girl's Basketball Team Shop! (15% of the proceeds go directly to the Girl's Basketball Program)

Store Link: 
Store closes Tuesday 12/19. Go Hawks! 
Girls Basketball Team

12/22/2017 4:57 PM

Window Decals for Sale

The gymnastics team will be selling window decals for the next two weeks. Please pick up (and drop off) order forms in the Main Office or Athletic Office. 

Hawk Logo $10

Personalized Hawk Logo $12

Rhinestone Hawk Logo $18

12/22/2017 11:20 PM

News and Announcements


* All athletes trying out need to register online before August 24th
* All athetes need to have documentation of a having a physical within the last 13 months to tryout.
* If you have any questions or concerns please email Coach Pam Leete at pleete@essextech.net
August 24th - Thursday
Session 1: 7am - 8:30am Sophomores -Senior
Session 2: 12:45 - 2:45pm Freshmen
Session 3: 3-6:00pm Sophomores -Senior
August 25th - Friday
Session 1: 8-10am Freshmen
Session 2: 10-12pm Sophomores - Seniors
Session 3: 2-5pm ALL
August 26th- Saturday
Session 1: 9-10 Freshmen
(Varsity and JV Teams selected and then team lunches.)
Sunday - OFF
August 28th - Monday
Session 1: 2-4pm Freshmen (Freshman Team selected.)
Session 2: 3-5pm V & JV
(First Day of School)Tuesday 29th - FROSH & JV OFF
Tuesday - V 3-5:30pm
Wednesday  30th - ALL 3-5:30 pm
Thursday  31st - FROSH 2:45-4  pm
Thursday - V & JV 3-5:30 pm
(No School) Friday 1st- FROSH 8-10am
Friday - V & JV 10-12pm
Saturday 2nd - FROSH & JV OFF
Saturday - V 8-10am
Sunday 3rd - OFF
(No School) Monday 4th - FROSH OFF
Monday - V & JV 3-5pm
Tuesday 5th - HOME MATCH V PMA!


Photo Gallery

  • 2016 Varsity Squad
  • 2016 Varsity Squad
  • #FamilyFirst
  • Essex Tech Supporting Family
  • Team Sarina!
  • BUDDY WALK 2016 - Supporting The National Down Syndrome Society
  • BUDDY WALK 2016